About Us

The Firm ARPI has been founded in 1975 as a commercial firm, with the precise intent to unit more sales sectors in one, with the purpose to serve that band of firms builders - middle or small - of the oil hydraulics sector. Its intent was to be able to supply a varied range of articles to the customers (hydraulic seals for averages and tall pressures, high self locking nut and ring nut to high resistance, cylinder linkages in steel, cylinder tubes, chromium plating bars, how first they had been prerogative of different sources of acquisition. The idea to unite all in an only firm has rewarded us bringing to serve prestigious and famous names in the sectors of the hydraulic one and the general mechanics. In 1980 we starded the planning and the construction of the guinding heads in hydraulic cast iron for cylinders, of the pistons (in one or two parts), of the end plugs. Besides always in the same year we began the marketing of the radial shaft seals in big quantities. From some years we treat vane pumps. Particularly way we want to set the attention of the customers on two lines of production of these pumps: a line of production is interchangeable (also to level of cartridges and other parts) with a note American multinational House; in the other one is to oneself and it covers a range of average-small flows that they can rarely be found on the market. It follows a notable range of vane motors of notable silence. We now go to list in analytical way our products:

vane pumps


High self locking nuts with nylon in material to high resistance R=700/800 N/mm2. Self locking and normal ring-nuts.

Components for cylinders

Components’ kit to realize hydraulic cylinders constituted from: guinding head in hydraulic cast iron G25-UNI 5507, pistons realized in steel C 43 or UNI CF 9S MnPb 28 and high self locking nuts UNI CF 35 SMn Pb 10.

Cylinder linkages

Anterior and back linkages for cylinders realized in steel C 43 for anterior threaded terminal and Fe 510 C/D for the back linkages to weld. Accurate mechanical workmanships guarantee an elevated squareness between the holes and the threads with tolerances from 0,2 to 0,05 mms. The holes for the pins are in tolerance H7 and H8. These components can have employed on the hydraulic cylinders and they can also be submitted to heavy jobs.

Vane pumps

The vane pumps distribuited by ARPI are built with bodies in aluminium and hydrulic cast iron. The flows to disposition go from 2 to 195 lts. for 1000/rpm for the single pumps and 313 lts. for 1000/rpm for the double versions. Good performances, low sound level, ease of maintenance and possibility of variation of the sense of rotation are some characteristics of our pumps. The particular drawing of the hydraulic balancing reduces the wear and it eliminates the lbearing loads. This line of pumps is in two solutions: the models for industrial application BHS and VS and those for the mobile use BHP and VK. The speed ranges from 600 to 2500 rpm. The maximum pressure varies from 175 to 275 Bar. The sound level has contained in range of 69-78 dBs (A) to 1500/rpm and 140 Bar. Some types are interchangeable with some foamous multinational Houses also for what it concerns the cartridges, the shafts etc., similar VICKERS and DENISON.

A triple vane pump of an unique versatility is also built that can join in the third stadium gear pumps and piston pumps, and vane pumps, etc, with possibility of innumerable versions. Our pumps are prompt in stock for delivery in 24/48 hours.

Vane motors

Hydraulic vane motors with displacement by 9 cm3/rev. to 220 cm3/rev, they are interchangeable with DENISON..

Also we can provide genuine Bosch-Rexroth axial piston pumps with variable displacement for any application.

On request we project Motor Pump Integrated Units, also with special electric motors.

cylinder linkages